ICS Compute is ready to be a “one stop solution” in the field of cloud services.

As the companys digital transformation needs continue to increase, ICS Compute is ready to become a one stop solution in the field of cloud services.

Jakarta, ICS Compute News • Digital transformation is increasingly accelerated during the pandemic. Over the past year or so people have been forced to adapt to the digital world and migrate to the online world more quickly. It is not specific to any particular industry, but has a massive impact on almost all industries.

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The change to the digital world has made the market demand for supporting technologies increase rapidly. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics technologies are increasingly in demand to be implemented in matters directly related to application usage.

For example, AI technology is implemented in the predictive search algorithm of a portal. Or, if you shop on e-commerce, the product recommendations that appear in your app match your previous purchase or search history.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of the largest public cloud providers in the world has responded and predicted this need globally. PT Innovation Cloud Services (ICS Compute), an on-premises partner of AWS, also collaborates with AWS to provide these services to its customers.

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“We have hired data engineers, cloud engineers and other engineers to provide AI, ML and Data Analytics solutions for our customers. Currently, we are already working on a pilot project for this solution and slowly we are confident that we will be able to become a one stop solution for cloud services,” said Budhi Wibawa, CEO of ICS Compute.

Budhi Wibawa, founder and CEO of ICS Compute

ICS Compute realizes that this step must be taken considering the huge market potential. Research firm Gartner says that by 2024 75% of all organizations in the world will build centralized data and analytics to support needs and prevent failures in enterprise services.

In fact, by 2025, 80% of all organizations that do not adopt a modern approach to data and analytics are predicted to be business failures. Therefore, slowly but surely, the industry will transform and ICS Compute as AWS Partner Network is ready for the change.

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As an AWS Partner Network, ICS Compute, which has been providing workload migration services from on-premises to the cloud for companies who want to start a new chapter in Cloud Computing, is now also providing other services such as migration and implementation of SAP System, modernization Windows applications, DevOps, AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

AWS Rising Star of The Year Award 2020 for ICS Compute.

ICS Compute is classified as a partner that is industry agnostic or does not focus on just one industry. ICS Compute, which was only established in December 2017, continues to increase its capacity and capability to serve the needs of companies that want to evolve into the digital world.

ICS Compute support that utilizes advanced technology solutions for various business scales, from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to corporations, is useful for reducing time and costs, as well as improving the quality of enterprise customer service.

To date, according to Budhi, ICS Compute has served more than 150 customers and more than 50 workload migrations from various industries in the country such as retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, e-commerce, and many more.•


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