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Jio Health Raises US$20 Million Series B Funding from Heritas Capital

Jio Health raises Series B funding to expand its market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.



Singapore, TechnoBusiness SG Jio Health, a Southeast Asian healthcare provider founded by Raghu Rai in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2016, recently received US$20 million Series B funding.

The funding was obtained from a number of investors, including Monk’s Hill Ventures, Fuchsia Venture Capital (CVC from Muang Thai Group Holdings), Kasikorn Bank Group, and existing investors, led by Heritas Capital, Singapore.

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The funding will be used by Jio Health to expand its presence in Vietnam, including expanding its Smart Clinics and increasing its human resources, which now number around 300 people, as well as expanding into regional markets.


Jio Health recently raises US$20 million Series B funding led by Heritas Capital.

“Our Series B funding will substantially accelerate our growth and increase the reach, impact, and affordability of the consumer healthcare ecosystem,” said Raghu Rai, founder and CEO of Jio Health.

In 2019, Jio Health has secured Series A funding from several investors led by Monk’s Hills Ventures. The company’s revenue has grown 10-fold since the initial investment backed by 300 Jio-branded pharmacies.

Justin Nguyen, the partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures, said his company has seen Raghu Rai and his team transform the services offered by revolutionizing the healthcare experience today.

—Michael T. Kheilton, TechnoBusiness SG Photo: MHV

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