Visa and Alto partner to facilitate the processing of debit card transactions in Indonesia.

Visa and Alto forge a strategic partnership to facilitate debit card transactions with a global advantage.

Jakarta, TechnoBusiness ID (English Edition) • Visa, Inc. (NYSE: V), a global digital payment company from San Francisco, and PT Alto Network, a switching provider company in the country, have entered into a partnership.

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Visa and Alto partner to facilitate debit card transaction processing by bringing global advantages in the National Payment Gateway, interbank network system initiated by Bank Indonesia.

The partnership will bring new value-added payment innovations to businesses and consumers. And, to expand the acceptance of contactless payment technology and e-commerce in Indonesia.

The partnership also includes efforts to improve the capabilities of Alto’s security systems, operational efficiency, and risk management to become world class.

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Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto hopes that the cooperation between Visa and Alto can support a faster, cheaper, and safer digital payment ecosystem.

“This partnership would be a positive achievement for Alto to improve his ability to become world class through the transfer of knowledge from Visa,” he said at the launch in Jakarta, Thursday (10/6).

Armed with state-of-the-art technology and more than 60 years of experience in managing the global digital payment network, Visa is ready to bring world-class Alto.

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Riko Abdurrahman, President Director of Visa Indonesia, said, “This partnership will strengthen Alto’s position as the partner of choice for the world-class National Payment Gateway in Indonesia.”

Visa and Alto share a common vision and the partnership was recognized by Alto Network CEO Armand Widjaja as part of Alto’s ambitious goal of becoming a leading digital payment system partner.

—Purjono Agus Suhendro, TechnoBusiness ID Photo: Alto Network

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