There are five main aspects of autonomous vehicles for the elderly.

Autonomous vehicles turned out to be very meaningful for the elderly in helping to carry out activities outside the home.

California, TechnoBusiness Insights Perhaps the creators of autonomous vehicles initially only thought of modernity and sophistication which tended to be the world of young people.

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As time goes by, autonomous vehicles from various technology and automotive manufacturers around the world have emerged, only to realize that their presence is also very important for the elderly (elderly).

Based on data released by the National Council on Aging and the Volkswagen Group of America on Monday (26/7), the elderly believe that autonomous vehicles help them perform tasks outside the home.

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As many as 70% of the elderly surveyed also believe that autonomous vehicles can improve their safety. Therefore, three-quarters of the elderly hope to be able to use autonomous vehicles for the sake of independence.

“Technology will play a key role in addressing the challenges facing older adults who can no longer drive,” said NCOA Senior Director Kathleen Cameron, in a statement.

The five main aspects of autonomous vehicles for the elderly are safety, quality of service, comfort, traffic, and overall driving comfort.

These aspects are crucial for the elderly who have decreased vision, physical and cognitive abilities, and are under the influence of drugs that may interfere with driving.

Text: TechnoBusiness Insights
Data: NCOA and Volkswagen Group of America
Photo: NCOA

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