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Only 30% of Companies Will Continue to Apply to Work in the Office



It should be noted that only 30% of companies will continue to apply the pattern of working in the office for their employees.

Massachussetts, TechnoBusiness Insights (English Edition) • Today, companies around the world are competing to pour out funds to vaccinate employees so they can return to work in the office.

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However, companies also recognize that their efforts will not be fully successful. In the United States and Europe, pessimism to attract employees back to work in larger offices.


According to a study conducted by Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR), a global research and business consulting firm from Cambridge, Massachusetts, only 30% of companies in the US and Europe will use the old work patterns.

Meanwhile, 70% of companies will switch to a hybrid work pattern that allows employees to work from anywhere for two or more days a week and work in the office on the remaining working days.

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The pattern is to answer the company’s need to keep going even though the pandemic is not over. It is also to follow the will of 55% of employees in the US who wish to work from home more often even if the pandemic ceases to exist. [the_ad id=”13590″]

Moreover, based on a new study released on Wednesday (26/5), 45% of employees in the US and 54% of employees in Europe believe that vaccination will not completely stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.•


Text: TechnoBusiness Insights

Data: Forrester, May 2021

Photo: Q K / Pixabay

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