Budhi Wibawa, founder and CEO of ICS Compute

ICS Compute performance is capable of growing fast in a short time thanks to the big name AWS. How come?

Jakarta, ICS Compute NewsPT Innovation Cloud Services (ICS Compute), a system integrator company that focuses on cloud computing services in the country, is arguably a “magic toddler”.

Imagine, even though it’s only 3.5 years old since it was founded in Jakarta in December 2017, ICS Compute has managed to record sales performance with multiple growth every year.

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In 2019, for example, ICS Compute was able to record a sales value of 2.5 times greater than in 2018. In 2020, the sales value even reached threefold compared to 2019.

This year, ICS Compute targets to obtain sales value of 2.5 fold compared to last year. Although the nominal was not stated, the performance was an extraordinary achievement.

The company, which originally served customers with only two sales people and four engineers, now has more than 150 customers and more than 100 projects, including about 50 complex workload migrations.

The outstanding performance of ICS Compute was then awarded by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of internet giant Amazon, as “ASEAN Rising Star Partner of The Year 2020”.

The question is, what makes ICS Compute grow so fast? Budhi Wibawa, founder and CEO of ICS Compute, said that there were several factors that made his company grow rapidly.

AWS ASEAN Rising Star of The Year Award 2020 for ICS Compute.

First, it is developed and managed by people who are experienced in the data center and cloud computing fields. “I also depart from experience in that field,” said Budhi.

Second, thanks to the big name AWS. Budhi did not deny that the performance of the ICS Compute he founded could grow brilliantly, even incised a sales value of up to 19 times compared to when it was founded, thanks to AWS.

Thanks to AWS

As a new cloud service company, ICS Compute was originally open to partnering with any global cloud service provider. However, the company then realized it needed to choose the best.

“Since all the industry data shows that AWS is far superior to other players, ICS Compute has decided to dedicate more time and energy to AWS,” said Budhi.

So, ICS Compute is an AWS consulting partner who was part of the AWS Partner Network shortly after the company was founded. Currently, 95% of the solutions provided by ICS Compute run on top of the AWS infrastructure.

The biggest advantage of being an AWS Partner Network is that companies can serve customers based on the available well-architected framework, which has been proven to be able to cut time and costs and improve service quality.

In its services, ICS Compute does not focus on one particular industry, but instead engages in all solutions development based on cloud technology such as application modernization, data analytics, DevOps, and migration to the cloud.

ICS has customers from various industries such as retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, and e-commerce, both small and corporate. “Joining ICS Compute to the AWS Partner Network provides tangible and tangible business results,” said Budhi.

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Consulting Partner

Basically, there are two partner categories for cloud service companies that are listed in the AWS Partner Network, namely consulting partners and technology partners.

Because it offers information technology consulting services, system integration, application development, and managed services, Stanley Chan, Senior Manager of Development Partner for AWS Asia Pacific, said that ICS Compute is a consulting partner.

It is undeniable that AWS needs an AWS Partner Network such as ICS Compute as an extension in tapping the market. “We are happy to collaborate with ICS Compute. Hopefully, ICS Compute will also expand its market to the ASEAN region,” Chan said.•


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