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Acquired by EdgePoint Holdco, Asiaspace Becomes EdgePoint Towers



Singapore-based telecommunications infrastructure company EdgePoint Holdco acquired Asiaspace, Malaysia, which later changed it to EdgePoint Towers.

Kuala Lumpur, TechnoBusiness MY • EdgePoint Holdco Pte. Ltd., a leading telecommunications infrastructure provider in Southeast Asia from Singapore, on Tuesday (25/5) officially acquired Asiaspace Sdn. Bhd.

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Asiaspace Sdn. Bhd. is a similar company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Post-acquisition, the company name was later changed to EdgePoint Towers Sdn. Bhd.


The acquisition also means taking over 178 telecommunication towers belonging to Asiaspace which have been used to serve the telecommunication infrastructure needs of operators throughout the country.

“Asiaspace is known as a pioneer in the telecommunications infrastructure industry and we are very proud to build a strong base through this acquisition,” said EdgePoint Holdco CEO Suresh Sidhu. 

EdgePoint Holdco stated that Malaysia and Indonesia are important markets. With the existence of telecommunication towers in Malaysia, as well as services in Indonesia, will strengthen its market in Southeast Asia. [the_ad id=”13590″]

Datuk Abdul Ghani Abdullah, founder of Asiaspace, said he was delighted to be part of EdgePoint Holdco, a company supported by Digital Colony, a global investment firm from Florida with a US$32 billion portfolio.

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“We are the first company to provide sharing services for telecommunications infrastructure in Malaysia,” said Datuk Abdul Ghani. “We hope EdgePoint will continue to grow.”

Unfortunately, EdgePoint Holdco did not mention the value of its acquisition of Asiaspace. Post-acquisition, Datuk Abdul Ghani will continue to be involved in the company by handling Asiaspace Broadband.

—Mohd. Fateh, TechnoBusiness MY • Photo: Asiaspace

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