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The global central kitchen market in 2028 is projected to be worth US$139.37 billion.

California, TechnoBusiness Insights • In today’s digital era, online food delivery services have become a trend.

Consumers can choose the desired food and drink through the application easily. Just click, a few minutes later the selection menu will come.

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Consumers only know the food was purchased at a restaurant or shop without knowing where the food was cooked. In fact, it could be that the food was not cooked by the restaurant, but by the chefs of the central kitchen.

What is a central kitchen? Central kitchen is a centralized kitchen that is located at a certain point to serve restaurants or outlets in the vicinity.

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Central kitchen, which is also known as cloud kitchen or commission kitchen, can be developed by a restaurant company to serve its branch network or franchise.

However, it can also be presented by a company whose business is a central kitchen or independent central kitchen to serve restaurants, outlets, or small businesses in certain areas.

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Currently, the central kitchen is booming all over the world. California-based market research firm Global View Research, Inc called the global central kitchen market worth US$61.62 billion this year.

By 2028, the global central kitchen market, including that contributed by independent central kitchens, is expected to be worth US$139.37 billion. That is growing 12.4%.

The central kitchen market in China, India, and Japan is the most passionate in Asia Pacific. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced everyone to stay at home, further enriched the market.•

Text: TechnoBusiness Insights
Data: Global View Research, Inc., June 2021
Photo: FullHouse Kitchen


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