Yudi Arijanto, Director for Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks Indonesia

Palo Alto Networks Indonesia introduces a solution that makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust Network Security.

Jakarta, TechnoBusiness ID (English Edition) Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), a global cybersecurity company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, on Wednesday (21/7) introduced five key innovations that facilitate the adoption of Zero Trust Network Security for the Indonesian market.

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The five key innovations that were first introduced by Palo Alto Networks last May include SaaS Security, Advanced URL Filtering, DNS Security, Cloud Identity Engine, and ML-Powered Firewalls.

These solutions have four advantages, namely secure access to the right applications, secure access for the right users, increasingly robust security, and universally available security access.

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Adi Rusli, Country Manager of Palo Alto Networks Indonesia, explained that Zero Trust is a strategic initiative that helps prevent successful data breaches by removing the concept of trust from the organization’s network architecture.

Adi Rusli, Country Manager at Palo Alto Networks Indonesia

The Zero Trust Network Security architecture is rooted in the principle of “never trust, always verify.” The model, created by John Kindervarg of the research firm Forrester Research, emphasizes that trust is a vulnerability.

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Thus, always on the network must also continue to pay attention to the level of cybersecurity. “The innovations introduced in Indonesia today have significantly facilitated the adoption of the Zero Trust Security Network,” said Adi.

Recently, in line with the trend of working remotely and hybridly, Palo Alto Networks launched the latest version of the next-generation firewall PAN-OS 10.1. Palo Alto Networks Indonesia introduced it yesterday.

The solution, said Yudi Arijanto, Director for Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks Indonesia, is equipped with capabilities and innovations that make it easier for organizations to implement Zero Trust Network Security—which is a success factor for remote and hybrid work patterns.

—Purjono Agus Suhendro, TechnoBusiness ID Photo: Palo Alto Networks Indonesia

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