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SaladStop! Group Raises S$12 Million Investment from Temasek

SaladStop! The Group received an investment of S$12 million from a number of investors led by Temasek Holdings.



From left to right: Frantz Braha, Katherine Desbaillets Braha, & Adrien Desbaillets

Singapore, TechnoBusiness SG SaladStop! Group, Asia’s first and largest healthy food chain that started as a family company in 2009, has just announced that it has completed a S$12 million investment round.

The Series B investment was obtained from a number of investors such as Vulcan Capital, K3 Ventures, and East Ventures led by Temasek Holdings. In addition to new investors, some of SaladStop! The Group is also involved in the funding.

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SaladStop! The group founded by Daniel Desbaillets with his son, Adrien Desbaillets, now led by his daughter, Katherine, and son-in-law, Frantz Braha, offers healthy and nutritious menus to all markets in Asia.


Offering brands like SaladStop! Heybo, Wooshi, and Good Food People. SaladStop! The Group has 69 outlets in eight countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Korea and Spain.

In those markets, SaladStop! The Group reaches 3.5 million people per year. To reach this market, SaladStop! The Group uses a virtual kitchen (cloud kitchen) and utilizes an ecosystem of food technology partners (food-tech).

SaladStop! Group has 69 outlets in eight countries in Asia and Spain.

According to Adrien Desbaillets, co-founder and CEO of SaladStop! Group, the pandemic has accelerated the company’s digital development and now 50% of its sales come from online channels—partly from direct channels.

The newly raised Series B funding will be used to accelerate SaladStop’s digital transformation! Group, including internally developed technology investments. Plus, SaladStop! The Group will use the new funding for expansion into new markets by 2025.

Also, reaching second-tier cities through continuous expansion of the cloud kitchen model. “To achieve our ambitious growth strategy, we also wanted to expand our reach in these markets,” added SaladStop Group’s Chief Growth Officer! Frantz Braha.


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As a long-time investor, Deepak Shahdadpuri from DSGCP, expressed his impression of the extraordinary development of SaladStop! Group since its establishment. “We want to continue to support SaladStop! The group is heading for a new chapter,” he said.

—Michael T. Kheilton, TechnoBusiness SG Photo: SaladStop! Group

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