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Oracle Opens Oracle Cloud Region for Southeast Asia in Singapore

Oracle targets to open 44 Oracle Cloud Regions worldwide by next year.



Oracle reaffirms commitment to Southeast Asia with opening of Oracle Cloud Region in Singapore.

Singapore, TechnoBusiness SG Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL), a global computing technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States, on Tuesday (9/11) officially opened Oracle Cloud Region for Southeast Asia in Singapore.

The Oracle Cloud Region is expected to meet the fast-paced demand for enterprise cloud services in one of the world’s most developed markets, drive economic recovery, and contribute to the growth of its digital economy.

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The presence of the Oracle Cloud Region for Southeast Asia in Singapore will also expand the reach of the Oracle Cloud Region which is currently spread across 33 locations. Next year, Oracle targets to have at least 44 Oracle Cloud Regions globally.


The cities included in the planned establishment of the next Oracle Cloud Region are Milan, Stockholm, Johannesburg, Mexico, and Colombia. Cities in Saudi Arabia, France, Israel, and Chile will also be “targets” for the opening of the Oracle Cloud Region next year.

Accelerate Innovation
The digital transformation of enterprises in Southeast Asia is ongoing and requires adequate cloud infrastructure. That’s why, this year Oracle opened the Oracle Cloud Region for this region in Singapore.

According to Oracle President for Asia Pacific and Japan Garett Ilg, companies are switching to Oracle because of its high performance, built-in security systems, and low-cost cloud infrastructure. “Our business growth tripled last year,” he said.

Currently, Oracle has 33 Oracle Cloud Regions spread all over the world.

After inaugurating the new Oracle Cloud Region in Singapore and offering initiatives that support rapid innovation, empower startups, and local growth, Oracle is committed to strengthening its market presence in the region.

It is undeniable that Singapore has become a magnet that brings opportunities from all markets in Southeast Asia. And, “The demand for public cloud services continues to grow rapidly in Singapore and Southeast Asia,” said Glen Duncan, associate research director for data centers at IDC.


—Michael T. Kheilton, TechnoBusiness SG Photo: Pexels

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