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Omron Invests in Techman Robot Collaborative Robot Company

Omron Corporation invests in Taiwan’s global collaborative robot technology company Techman Robot, Inc.



Techman Robots, Inc. is the second largest producer of collaborative robots in the world.

Singapore, TechnoBusiness SG Omron Corporation (TSE: 6645), a global automation technology company from Shimogyu-ku, Japan, has invested in the world’s second-largest collaborative robot company from Taoyuan, Taiwan, Techman Robot, Inc.

It is not stated how much the value is, but in the announcement at the end of last October, the investment contract made Omron control 10% of Techman Robot’s shares. Omron’s investment process in Techman Robot is scheduled to be completed in December next month.

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Omron’s investment in Techman Robot is actually not too surprising as the two companies have been in a partnership since 2018. Since then, the collaborative robot “TM Series” made by Techman Robot has been sold as a co-branded product through Omron’s distribution network.


Omron and Techman Robot are also developing Mobile Manipulator, a mobile work robot that combines the Omron and TM Series mobile robots. After investing, Omron’s factory automation tools and Techman Robot’s collaborative robots will be combined.

According to Junta Tsujinaga, Company President for Industrial Automation Company Omron Group, the solution ensures the most important workplace safety and can help increase productivity in the global manufacturing industry.

“Omron wants to make the factory a place where humans and machines collaborate.”

Moreover, the working environment in the manufacturing industry has changed drastically recently. Prior to collaborating with Techman Robot, starting in 2016 Omron has also carried out advanced manufacturing activities with a unique value-added concept, innovative-Automation.

In order to focus on robot technology and market development, in 2015 Omron even acquired Adept Technology, Inc., a company that develops intelligent robot technology based in California, United States, which later changed its name to Omron Adept Technology.

Now, by investing in Techman Robot, Tsujinaga said, “Omron wants to make the factory a place where humans and machines collaborate to create innovations through collaborative robot technology.”


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Meanwhile, Techman Robot Chairman Shi-Chi Ho said that his company is optimistic that the partnership with Omron will bring new innovations in the future, including providing flexible and wide-scale collaborative robot solutions.

—Michael T. Kheilton, TechnoBusiness SG Photo: Techman Robot

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