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John Deere Acquires Bear Flag Robotics for US$250 Million

John Deere acquires Silicon Valley-based Bear Flag Robotics to accelerate automation in the agriculture industry.



John Deere acquires Silicon Valley-based Bear Flag Robotics to accelerate automation in the agriculture industry.

California, TechnoBusiness US (English Edition) John Deere, a brand of Deere & Company (NYSE: DE), a manufacturer of agricultural machinery based in Moline, Illinois, United States, acquires Bear Flag Robotics.

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Bear Flag Robotics is a Silicon Valley startup that produces autonomous driving technology that is compatible with most agricultural machines.


The acquisition of John Deere, the veteran company founded by John Deere and Charles Deere in 1837, of Bear Flag Robotics for US$250 million will accelerate automation and autonomy in agriculture.

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The deal is John Deere’s long-term strategy to create agricultural machines that are technologically intelligent and support the needs of individual customers.

“The Bear Flag Robotics team of talented agricultural professionals, engineers, and technologists have the ability to bring advanced technology solutions to market,” said Jahmy Hindman, CTO of John Deere.

John Deere first teamed up with Bear Flag Robotics in 2019 as part of the company’s Startup Collaborator program. As a result, Bear Flag Robotics can develop intelligent technology for agriculture and animal husbandry that is able to operate according to needs automatically and autonomously.


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According to the co-founder and CEO of Bear Flag Robotics Igino Cafiero, this is to answer one of the biggest challenges facing farmers today, namely the availability of skilled labor which has an impact on agricultural output.

“Bear Flag Robotics’ mission is to increase global food production and reduce the cost of growing food through machine automation in line with John Deere’s mission,” he said.

Dan Leibfried, Director of Automation and Autonomy at John Deere, reinforces Cafiero’s explanation that John Deere and Bear Flag Robotics complement each other, both in terms of technology and mission.

—Philips C. Rubin, TechnoBusiness US Editor: Purjono Agus Suhendro Photo: John Deere


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