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Jiro Tominaga Appointed ADB Director for Indonesia

Jiro Tominaga has served as ADB director for Indonesia starting September 1.



Jiro Tominaga has served as ADB director for Indonesia starting September 1.

Jakarta, TechnoBusiness Star Jiro Tominaga, who joined the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2015, was appointed as ADB’s director for Indonesia effective September 1.

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Previously, Jiro Tominaga served as director of the strategy, policy, and business process at ADB, a multilateral bank founded in 1966 with 67 member countries from across the Asia Pacific.


At ADB, which is headquartered in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, Indonesia is the sixth-largest shareholder. In 2020, Indonesia also received loans and grants from ADB worth US$3.4 billion.

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ADB’s portfolio in Indonesia covers a wide range of sectors, including renewable energy generation, power grid development, financial inclusion, and standby financing for disaster preparedness.

Jiro Tominaga became ADB’s director for Indonesia, replacing Winfried Wicklein, who currently serves as ADB’s deputy director-general for Southeast Asia.

Jiro Tominaga will lead ADB’s operations in Indonesia, manage ADB’s relationships with governments and development partners, and oversee implementation over the next four years.


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“ADB is a long-term development partner for Indonesia,” said Jiro Tominaga. “I am ready to build strong partnerships and work closely with the government to support Indonesia’s development agenda.”

Jiro Tominaga started his 30-year career at the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund of Japan, now called the Japan Bank of International Cooperation.

Jiro Tominaga, who is a graduate of Keio University and the London School of Economics, has also worked at the Japanese Ministry of Finance and the World Bank.

—Purjono Agus Suhendro, TechnoBusiness Star Photo: ADB


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