EventX, an Asian virtual event management company based in Hong Kong.

EventX is ready to take the Indonesian market seriously after receiving funding from HTC Vive and Gaocheng Capital.

Jakarta, TechnoBusiness ID EventX, a virtual event management company in Asia, has raised US$10 million in series B funding from virtual reality firm HTC Vive and equity firm Gaocheng Capital.

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EventX received the funding after the two companies assessed the uniqueness and development of their business. Because, since it was founded in 2014 in Hong Kong, EventX has managed to grow with many customers.

A series of EventX customers spread across Asia, including Alibaba, PwC, GL Events, Informa, Reed Exhibition, Yahoo, government agencies, universities, and so on.

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In the past year, EventX’s user growth has reached more than 800% involving 5 million users from 20,000 online, hybrid and offline events.

Co-founder and CEO Sum of EventX Sum Wong said virtual workspaces and virtual events will become the new norm accelerated by the pandemic. Collaboration with HTC Vive will result in deep synergies.

“This collaboration will support EventX to deliver a completely new, more engaging, and interactive virtual and hybrid event experience,” he said.

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EventX has positioned itself as the leading virtual event platform in Asia, especially in China, whose design tools are able to overcome internet firewalls to provide cross-regional event services.

With the funding raised, EventX wants to expand its business in Indonesia by providing support services for companies targeting consumers and expanding their business to China.

As one of the investors focused on funding software companies, Gaocheng Capital is committed to supporting EventX’s development to the next level.

—Purjono Agus Suhendro, TechnoBusiness ID Photo: EventX

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