In September, Popsical will open its third office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Popsical, a cloud-streaming karaoke platform from Singapore, is expanding into Vietnam.

Singapore, TechnoBusiness SG (English Edition) ● Popsical, Charaku Pte. Ltd.’s cloud-streaming karaoke platform which operates in Singapore and Malaysia, is ready to expand into Vietnam.

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In a company announcement on Thursday (22/7), Popsical, which was launched in Singapore in 2017, has obtained a business license from the Vietnam Center for Protection of Music Copyright.

In September, Popsical will open its third office in Ho Chi Minh City. After that, the startup will continue its expansion to other Southeast Asian countries, as well as to North America.

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Amid the pandemic, says Popsical CEO Faruq Marican, consumer behavior has changed with more at home. “On the other hand, they also want home entertainment in a new format,”

One of the preferred home entertainment options is karaoke. Because of this, Popsical is poised to grow rapidly across the highly prospective Asian market and then the world.

Currently, Popsical provides more than 230,000 songs in 14 languages. The startup founded by Faruq Marican with Umar Abdul Hamid and Fadhli Rahim has also pocketed funding of up to US$5 million.

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Popsical has the potential to grow. Because, said Jeffrey Bahar, Group Deputy CEO of Spire Research and Consulting, it is in line with the entertainment needs of people in all parts of the world.

Anything that smells of entertainment will be attractive to a wide audience, especially in a pandemic situation like now. “Look at TikTok, its user growth is amazing, isn’t it?” he continued.

For the cloud-streaming-based karaoke category, Smule and StarMaker, two platforms from San Francisco, California, which are already worldwide, can be examples of success for Popsical.

—Michael T. Kheilton, TechnoBusiness SG Photo: Popsical

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