President Director of BCA Digital Lanny Budiati when announcing the collaboration between the Blu app and the Blibli platform on Thursday (22/7).

BCA Digital integrates its Blu app with the Blibli e-commerce platform.

Jakarta, TechnoBusiness ID (English Edition) PT Bank Digital BCA (BCA Digital), a digital bank owned by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (IDX: BBCA), moved aggressively after launching the Blu app on July 2.

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BCA Digital, which was originally called Bank Royal, immediately integrated the Blu app with the Blibli e-commerce platform to bring added value to customers.

Moreover, this effort is also part of BCA Digital and Blibli’s steps in accelerating the transformation of the digital economy through the adoption of digital banking services in the country.

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Moreover, the features of the Blu app, such as BluSaving and BluGether, which facilitate the online shopping process and fulfill a lifestyle, have received a large response from BCA Digital customers.

Since the Blu app was launched, based on company data, at least 26.2% of the top five BluSaving savings funds of BCA Digital customers have been allocated for shopping; 20.9% for vacation.

Then, 18.5% is allocated as a pension fund; 17.5% for home purchases; and 17% for gift purchases. Meanwhile, the use of the BluGether joint venture feature is the most popular for joint vacations (35.4%).

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“We believe that digital bank innovation does not stop at financial needs,” said BCA Digital President Director Lanny Budiati. “We want to be a part of bringing true digital convenience.”

Therefore, to expand the scale of its ecosystem, BCA Digital collaborates with Blibli. (Incidentally, BCA and Blibli are both owned by the Djarum Group cigarette producer).

This collaboration allows Blibli customers to access the Blu app at any time, in addition to obtaining various benefits such as free shipping and so on.

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BCA Digital customers can also take advantage of the joint BluGether feature to buy products at Blibli jointly with friends or relatives.

According to Kusumo Martanto, CEO and co-founder of Blibli, Blibli offers promos to Blu app users who shop at Blibli during the promotional period until the end of July.

Indeed, this is an era that requires business people to collaborate to jointly build a strong digital ecosystem. “Right now, it’s not the time to compete, but to collaborate,” said Jeffrey Bahar, Group Deputy CEO of Spire Research and Consulting, to TechnoBusiness ID in Jakarta, Friday (23/7).

The collaboration will accelerate the expansion of the digital ecosystem that is currently developing in Indonesia. The collaboration will be easier if you start from one group of companies first.

However, because BCA and Blibli are both owned by Djarum, Jeffrey continued, the collaboration could be easier with a much faster process. Then you can collaborate with other companies.

—Purjono Agus Suhendro, TechnoBusiness ID Photo: BCA Digital

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