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KiotViet Receives US$45 Million Series B Funding from KKR

KiotViet received US$45 million in series B funding from KKR and Jungle Ventures.



KiotViet received US$45 million series B funding from KKR and Jungle Ventures.

Singapore, TechnoBusiness SG (English Edition) KiotViet, a leading provider of business management software in Hanoi, Vietnam, today announced that it has received US$45 million in series B funding.

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The funding round was obtained from several investors led by KKR. Jungle Ventures, an early investor since 2019, participated in the funding.


In its business, KiotViet offers software that includes point-of-sale services, inventory management, customer relationship management, to employee management.

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In Vietnam, KiotViet wants to drive the digital transformation of micro, small and medium enterprises that contribute to around 40% of the national economy.

“Through KiotViet’s innovative tools, we want to help home MSMEs digitize their business, improve operational efficiency, and push them to reach their potential,” said KiotViet CEO Hao Tran.

KiotViet is enthusiastic about welcoming new funding from KKR, especially since the company has long experience, strong global network, and deep industry expertise.


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According to Hao, these will be valuable assets for KiotViet. Moreover, Jungle Ventures is back in the funding round with new investors such as Kasikorn Bank and Cao Viet.

Co-Head of Private Equity for the Asia Pacific and Head of KKR for Southeast Asia Ashish Shastry expressed his enthusiasm to invest in KiotViet, an innovative and potential business.

“This funding at KiotViet is KKR’s sixth investment in Vietnam and the first in KKR’s technology growth strategy efforts in Southeast Asia,” he said.

—Michael T. Kheilton, TechnoBusiness SG Photo: KiotViet


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